At EcoHub we accommodate 2 businesses supported by Grampian Energy Investments.

Luminaire;  The North East of Scotland’s only Solid State Lighting (also know as LED) Specialists. Luminaire has the largest range of SSL lighting available to the general public in the NE with on hand expert advice.

Grampian Energy Services specialized Micro Renewable Energy company for the home office and small factories. genSERV‘s mission is to help you towards energy self sufficiency, or as close as your site and operations will allow.

Luminaire has the largest range of LED lamps in the North Eeast of Scotland. See, touch and try with guidance from our lighting specialists.

Solid State Lighting/LED is transforming lighting in ways unimaginable before.

A lighting revolution is occurring world wide. New manufacture  of Halogens and Filaments has been banned from Australia to Europe. Low energy lamps, Compact Fluorescent Lights, take time to light up and contain harmful mercury gas.

Modern Solid State Lighting (LED lamps) 

LED Lighting uses 1/10th the energy used by Halogens or Filaments, and 1/3rd the energy of Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) Light Bulbs. They last 10 times longer, light up immediately, and also don’t have any mercury. LED lighting gives unprecedented lighting control, never possible with traditional lighting.

Grampian Energy Services

genServ will help your home, office or factory to lose less energy, use less and to generate as much as technically or economically viable. GES specialises in system integration and building integrated renewable energy.

Grampian Energy Investments

GEI is a business incubator for small start-up companies in sustainable energy. GEI provided seed funding for EcoHub Retail and Grampian Energy Services. GEI offers business, marketing, financial forecasting advice and helps start-ups and entrepreneur grow their business within our common theme.