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About us

Ecohub has been set up by Grampian Energy Investments to provide managed office/works space for small start-up companies in renewable energy.  The hub in the city centre comprises 3 units.

        • Unit 1, 41 m2 retail space fronting onto George street: Leased to Ecohub Scotland Ltd.
        • Unit2, 80 m2 retail space, leased to Little Hungary Ltd
        • Unit 3, 45 m2 of office and workshop space, Leased to Grampian Energy Services

Unit 1: Ecohub Scotland LtdDSCF2410-1

This opened late April 2015 and is adding product ranges as they go. Ecohub Scotland is a separate entity but with some seed funding from GEI. GEI retains an equity stake in the business.

Unit 3: Grampian Energy Services

Grampian Energy Services has been operating under GEI banner offering design and project management consultancy.

ReGenTech Ltd (re-emergence), Aug 2007-May 2011

ReGenTech Ltd. purchased the assets of siGEN in July 2007.  ReGenTech completed a number of high profile hydrogen and fuel cell projects it picked up from siGEN the most notable being theUK’s and possibly the EU’s first hydrogen house. This house developed in conjunction with Alistair Brown of Berwickshire Housing Association (now with Aqua Energy Scotland Ltd).

Alistair had developed a series of inspirational energy efficiency programmes at BHA, we put substance behind his final level 5 project.

During this period ReGenTech put in place MCS certification for micro wind, solar PV and solar thermal systems as funding support for hydrogen and fuel cell activity was dwindling.

siGEN Era, March 2003 – June 2007IMG_1054-1

The hay day of siGEN and prolific period of demonstration fuel cell projects in Scotland and the UK. During this period we delivered some of the most innovative and ground breaking projects in the UK and travelled the world. See our projects page for some of these projects. Picture Right is the Hydrigen lab siGEN designed and installed at Lewes Castle College in Stornoway.

2003 a group of us from the nascent industry formed the SHFCA, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association. These early founders included, Dave McGrath SiGEN , Prof John Irvin, St. Andrews University, Dr Andrew Cruden, Strathclyde University, John Bingham, NEL. Ed Angus Fuel Cell Scotland.

During this time we travelled to 3 fuel cell missions to USA, Canada and Japan. This was an impressive eye opener for us engineers and scientists.

Sadly, due to major project funding delays 2 contracts, and a general contraction of UK support for “on the ground” demo projects with aheavy heart we placed the company in voluntary liquidation in June 2007.

Formation of ReGenTech Nov 2001-March 2003

Nov 2001 saw the formal start of trading for ReGenTech Ltd, (Renewable Generation Technologies).

ReGenTech was a project development company providing a service to design and install fuel cell based projects on behalf of customers and some of our own development projects.

ReGenTechs first project was the development of a portable generator system using the ZeTek PLC Alkaline Fuel Cell stack. This was a 2.4kW system running on H2 with a N2 purge cycle. The Stack at the heart of this was gifted to St Andrews University in Dec 2014.

Based on this we formed siGEN (silent GENeration) in March 2003 with local investor support support. ReGenTech then became dormant.

Zetek Power PLC, March 2000-Nov 2001,

It all began with ZeTek Power PLC where in March 2000 Dave joined the fuel cell industry after 22 years in the oil and gas industry, oil price was around $12/bbl.

ZeTek Role was International Business Development Manager for alkaline fuel cell modules. Role continued until October 2001 when ZeTeks IPO listing was pulled and the company went into receivership. The 9/11 incident was cited by the directors of Zetek as a major contributing factor to pulling the IPO.