Grampian Energy Investments

Grampian Energy Investments has been set up to foster the development of small renewable energy companies.  With the establishment of the Ecohub facility

      1. We can offer premises at the most flexible terms available in Aberdeen City/shire
      1. An environment of mutual support
      1. Book keeping services
      1. Access to a common market intelligence platform
      1. Access to project records/intelligence spanning some 12 years

My personal ambitions in this project is to facilitate the establishment of companies, provide mentoring support, business plan and CFF preparation support and provide ongoing support.

I am particularly keen to support younger folk setting out on their own. Watching the Prince’s Trust success rates and recalling the energy we had in the early 80’s oil industry I know what folk are capable of when given a break.

My support will be restricted to entrepreneurs operating within or on the fringes of renewable energy. It’s best to focus efforts where we are most comfortable.

Seeking Support?

If you are seeking support the conventional route is to:

      1. Finalise your business plan and cash flow forecast, know exactly what you are asking for
      1. Make an elevator pitch to convince an angel investor, (usually an accountant)

This is a daunting process with shockingly low success rates. Making an approach to GEI is much simpler.

      1. Give me a call and talk through your ambitions
      1. Send me your CV and anything on your project plan/idea, worry not if it is a draft, include an NDA if you wish
      1. Having worked as a business adviser for 2 years I am comfortable with fledgling concepts

Now we have something to talk about. I will ask a few questions, try and understand what you are trying to achieve. As an engineer myself I will consider the technologies if appropriate. Having mostly listened I will share my perspective and if we are on the same wavelength we will agree a forward action path.

Give me a call on +44 (0) 1224 631180 or

Currently GEI has a stake in

      1. Ecohub Scotland
      1. Genserv