Grampian Energy Services has been established to provide a wide variety of energy advice and services to assist customers cut their energy costs. Whilst there is an underlying environmental driver for what we do by focusing on our a sites imported energy costs reducing these will in turn reduce our environmental impact.

Solar PV Services from genSERV

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Integrated energy design services; Our Mantra

    • Lose less energy
    • Use less energy
    • Produce your own energy

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genSERV would love to hear from like minded people

    • frustrated where you are?
    • want more control over your activities?
    • have ambitions to realise?
    • have a project/technology you want to develop?
    • hacked off at the lack of environmental progress?

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Lose Less

To keep your home or office warm you must provide heat. All this heat will leave your rooms through:

    • Walls
    • Floor
    • Windows
    • Roof
    • Infiltration, air loss through cracks and gaps in your building.

If you wish to reduce energy costs and retain the same temperature we must stem these losses. genSERV puts the science and engineering into reducing these losses

Use Less

The next step is to use your energy more efficiently. Do the same job but by using significantly less energy. For example:

    • replace lighting with LED lamps – reduces lighting loads by 50 to 90%
    • upgrade old boilers – improve efficiency by 10-20%
    • effective heating controls – many homes have no thermostats or heating controls
    • switch from oil to Air source heat pumps
    • heat recovery may work for you

Your energy systems can be made to work more efficiently and less frequently with the right techniques and control regime.

Generate energy

Having reduced losses and improved systems efficiency your site is better able to meet your energy balance by onsite generation:

    • Solar PV
    • Solar thermal
    • Micro wind
    • Log fires
    • Biomass
    • Add energy storage (electrical and thermal), time shifts production to demand.

Sites can get much closer to energy self sufficiency; it is surprising just how far one can get.

Grampian Energy Services

GES offers a range of energy and design services across the NE of Scotland. We offer a unique insight into energy systems and their interaction with the built environment. Our plan is to develop a consultancy practice expert in maximizing energy efficiency in buildings, both new and existing. What we offer

    • Energy Assessment surveys of new and existing buildings
    • Model energy flow within the building, this is unique to GES.
    • Make suggestion on the building layout, design and fabric if new
    • Suggestion technical solution for existing buildings reflecting the actual fabric and construction techniques
    • Advise on “onsite generation” and energy recycling/recovery
    • Design and integrated energy solutions including BMS systems
    • Energy Services, Home Office, Factory
        • Energy Performance Assessments
        • Green Deal Assessment Reports

You get your energy report: “Now What?” you might ask… GES can:

    • Advise real, practical and deliverable energy reduction measures
    • Appoint trades
    • Project manage the work ensuring value for money
      • Ensure quality, warranted work