40kW Array, Craigmyle estates

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Scandinavian Village

Conceptual design and feasibility study

genSERV can assess your site, be it land, buildings or homes to determine its suitability for solar PV. We shall on request:

    • Consider the site, shading, horizon
    • Examine the grid networks nearby
    • Recommend where on your site is best (considering the ground to be used)
    • Prepare project costs and economics
    • Advise on planning and grid connections issues

Planning applications, G59/3 Applications and ENA connections

Projects above 4kW (16A per phase) require a request to connect from the DNO, District Network Operator.

    • Up to 50kW requires a G59/3 request.
    • Above 50kW requires an ENA connection request

In making this application detailed set of documents are required

Local Authority Planning Applications

Many projects are governed by permitted development guidelines issued by the Scottish Government. genSERV will advise if your project is covered by permitted development.  If not a detailed planning application is required. genSERV can complete this for you from start to finish.

Detailed design, ITT, Project Management

Having designed your system it is prudent to get competitive quotes ensuring best pricing. Installation however is everything, your contractor competence is vital. genSERV will prepare:

    • The ITT package
    • Issue for tender
    • Review and rank responses
    • Assist you in making your choice
    • Project manage the install
    • Over see the installation, commissioning and sign off by installer

PV after sales services

Once your system is installed you can largely ignore it and it will continue to generate for the next 2 decades and more. However there are things we can do in maintain maximum yield and maximize the gain of the system. These include

      • Periodic service
      • Export Power Diverter
      • Power Optimisers
      • System Monitoring