Potential Investors

EcoHub has been set up by Grampian Energy Investments. We have done this with our own resources.

Whilst we are not actively seeking investment we are open to discuss any overtures any one wishes to make. We are not registered with the financial services industry.

It is in our future plans to explore, the Government Small firms loan scheme, crowd funding and any other vehicles as might be available

We will not

    1. Actively pursue you for investment
    1. Make any recommendations to invest in our operations
      1. Try to persuade you to invest in our venture

We will

    • Listen to what you have to say
    • Share with you our ambitions
    • Share our opportunities with you
    • Be open to any suggestions
    • Be open to passive investors, active investors who wish to play a part in the business, potential JV partners or open to a buy out

Please feel free to contact myself at +44 (0)1224 631180 or djm@grampianenergy.com