"We see a world where communities and our country is thriving beyond using fossil fuels and our mission is to lead that global transition to renewable energy."

EcoHub co-op members share a common vision which sees our communities, country and a world embracing sustainable living free of polluting fossil energy.

A world striving to minimizewaste,repatriate to our communities and counties production of food and goods. In turn creating gainful employment for school leavers right through to those who choose to stall retirement. We believe in realising a cleaner environment for future generations, promote sustainability and educating consumers on why it is so vital we start saving our planet today..


Atmospheric CO2 has been rising steadily since the 1960’s. In 1974 it was some 330 ppm 2014 it breached 400 ppm. We cannot identify any geological discontinuity that accounts for this nor any underlying new continuous geological event to account for this. Add to this all the other chemicals and environmental destruction we leave in our wake.

We believe each and every one of us must begin (continue in many cases) the journey towards non fossil energy.  We owe it to our children, grand children and all the generations to follow. We are but custodians of this world as we pass through it. It is time we passed through this world leaving only footprints or an enhanced natural environment. Humanity most curb its destructive behaviors.

Renewable energy is ubiquitous, bountiful and inexhaustible. An energy for all if ever there was one.


Eco Hub inspires others to support its mission for a cleaner and brighter future. By providing its customers with the ‘EcoHub inspiration’, it enables each one of them to make a change and help reduce their environmental impact.

A particular ambition is to inspire young engineers and thinkers.  We forget that most of the world’s breakthroughs have been made by engineers and scientists when still very young mostly less than 25 years of age.


Our ambitions within the EcoHub environment is to help like minded people come together in their own enterprise and to help them develop their skills, knowledge and ambitions. With this developing knowledge and skills base bring new and perhaps inspired solutions to our community. Our members will share in the ownership of these ventures benefiting from their efforts.



Educating our young

The establishment mantra is we must educate our young people on their social responsibility to care for the environment.   Think on this if you will.  Who got s where we are.

The real education focus

The problem is not our young; they are well aware. The problem is the baby boomer adults, my generation.  We have had it so good for so long we have developed a robust sense of entitlement for what we have worked for, or perhaps more fairly had handed to us. We could not help but take advantage. Time we gave back.
EcoHub with its industry knowledge and expertise, guides and inspires its customers to help them change their way, practices, expectations and behaviors.